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IB. Indra S.

Congratulations Khlobarva Ekaterina who just finished her SSI Open Water Course on February 14th, 2010 in Padangbay, Bali. I hope you will always practice your skill in the future. Looking forward to diving with you again...and one important thing.., you will love scuba diving.

Now low session in Bali. Not so many guest....., this time we prepare everything to welcome busy time. Hmmmmm I so miss to diving.
Rain seasons make diving business little bit down. Last time diving in Tulamben, water conditions not so good. Be careful.., Just to remind,, safe is the first priority. Don't make business ignore it. Good luck...
Happy New Year 2010. Hope this year no more disaster and happiness will a company your activities
I was diving on December 22nd, in Tanjung Jepun Padangbay. I took one student for deep diver specialty. When we were on 25 meter deep, I found one interesting animal still move slightly. That's Thorny seahorse.

Greetings from Bali,

Thanks God, finally I could make finish this site. I hope this site will very useful for everyone who looking for information about dive site or diving activities in Bali.  

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