Menjangan Pos I.

You can either start from the Jetty and swim to the east or from a traditional boat that drop you right in the channel between the main island and Menjangan. This dive sites is big, covering more than 60.000 m2 underwater lives, partial drop off, slope and flat area. Generally visibility is around 20m or better. You can expect to be companied by some friendly Bat Fish through out your dive. Sometimes there's some current in the channel, and that's the time when you have a chance to see some big pelagic, such as Tuna, Sharks (I was ever seen Bull Shark kidding), some Dolphins (at the surface), and Whale Sharks. Generally the diving is relaxing and there are many things to see. The area near the Jetty is also excellent for training.

Menjangan Pos II

You can swim either to the west or to the east. If you swim to the west, you will find underwater structure with some small cavern and drop off. The structure serves excellent natural framing for underwater photographer and videographer, with some silhouette from the sun penetrates the opening. You can also "play" hide and seek when exploring the caverns. Expect to see some pelagic and if you lucky, great Barracuda. To the east, there are more fishes to see, drop off, big gorgonians and sometimes current. At some shallow reef, you can find schools of jack fish. Deeper than 40m, is the place to see bigger marine lives.

Menjangan, Budak Wreck

Located east of POS I, the depth of the wreck starts at 35m and down to 50m. It is an old wreck (early 19th century); the history is not well documented. The wreck is full of "kind of metal plated" and schools of yellow strip snapper. Two resident white tip sharks are among the marine lives you'll probably see. Some artifacts left untouched. The wreck itself is not big, but it's deep, with normal air, you probably can explore the wreck in just 10 to 15 minutes, with the use of EANx (nitrox) is surely beneficial to extend the no deco time. Visibility is generally from 15 to 25m.

Menjangan, Peti

North site of Menjangan, east of Budak Wreck, lays a slope of coral reef, and partial drop off in some area, abundant reef fish, such as Anthias, Butterfly Fish and Angel Fish. The dive is relatively easy and not deep. You will start from a traditional boat and "back roll" into the water before descending to around 15 to 25m. The structure of the shallow reef is also very beautiful with some white sandy bottom.