Secret Bay

The dive site is located in front of the docking area of Gilimanuk Harbour. I bet you won’t believe this place has so many things to see, until you put on your mask and start exploring the 2 to 6m depth of water. Visibility is varies from 3 to 15m. If you are looking for big fishes, you will not find them here. This place is strictly for "unusual" and rare underwater creatures, which are small and well camouflage between the sea grass, the sand and debris… yes, slowly work on the garbage and most probably something underneath Snake Ells, Sea Snakes, Cockatoo Fish, Juvenile of Rabbit Fishes, Flounders, varieties of Gobies, Frog Fishes, Dragonets, Nudibranch, Sea Horses and many more. If you are an Underwater Photographer or Videographer, you may spend 2 hours bottom time, 3 to 4 dives a day and still find something new.

Puri jati

This dive site is located about 20 minutes drive from Lovina, to get down here driving pass the Seririt Town a bout 200 meters, on the left side of the main road stands sign board Zien Villa Puri Jati, there a small pavement road leads down to the black sandy beach.  Offshore offers a dive site later on known as Puri Jati. It is a plat slope sandy bottom from 3 to 20 meters. There is no reef at all but sea grasses, sea pens and debris that cover large area, a good place to see sea animals and unusual creatures, which are small and well camouflage. Sea Horses, Anglerfishes, Ornate Ghosepipefish, Crustaceans, octopuses and many more have been discovered by Underwater Photographers and Videographers. Visibility is vary up to 15 meters and sometime even worst when big waves lapse the beach, sand particles  are mixed up into the water. As the coverage area is large 3 to 4 dives a day still convenience to do it and always find something different.

Pemuteran, Deep Reef

Located north of Matahari Beach Resort and ride a boat for about 15 minutes. The submerge reef starts at a depth of 15m and down to 40 to 50m. The reef itself is not very big; it's around 2000 m2. It's full of soft coral, almost 90% coverage at some places. With some good observation skill, you may find Ghost Pipefish, Leaf Fish and several types of beautiful Nudibranch. To dive at this place, divers require to have good buoyancy control to be able to make safety stop from a drift line / float. If you in doubt with your buoyancy skill, our Instructor will be able to give some tips. EANx may be useful.